Capacity on Germany-Denmark West border will increase to 1100 MW

Published 14.6.2017 13.00

Bayreuth/Germany, Fredericia/Denmark; 14 June 2017. Today, the German and the Danish transmission system operators TenneT and Energinet welcomed a joint declaration between the German ministry of Economics, the Danish ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate and the regulators Bundesnetzagentur and Energitilsynet on cooperation in the field of electricity trade between Denmark and Germany. TenneT and Energinet will commonly work on its timely implementation.

The joint declaration between the ministries and the regulators aims to gradually increase the minimum day-ahead capacity between Denmark West and Germany for both directions up to 1100 MW in 2020. With this measure, the ministries and regulators strive to reduce the effects of implementing comprehensive grid projects in Germany necessary for the transition of Europe’s energy systems.

High infeed of renewable energy and the associated high load of the transmission system in Northern Germany lead to consequences on the cross border capacities between Denmark West and Germany. For years, both transmission system operators have been aiming to technically and operationally increase cross border capacities, e.g. through grid expansion and implementation of improved calculation methodologies. Furthermore, both were in contact with the ministries, regulatory authorities and stakeholders to find appropriate solutions.


About TenneT

TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO) with its main activities in the Netherlands and Germany. With over 22,000 kilometres of high-voltage connections we ensure a secure supply of electricity to 41 million end-users. We employ approximately 3,000 people, have a turnover of EUR 3.2 billion and an asset value totalling EUR 19 billion. TenneT is one of Europe’s major investors in national and cross-border grid connections on land and at sea, bringing together the Northwest European energy markets and enabling the energy transition.  We take every effort to meet the needs of society by being responsible, engaged and connected.
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About Energinet:

Energinet is the Danish TSO for electricity and gas and owns and operates 7000 km high voltage transmission grid. Together with neighbouring TSOs we own and operate interconnectors to Norway, Sweden and Germany and new interconnectors to The Netherlands and Germany are under construction. A connection between Denmark and Great Britain is under consideration. Energinet is responsible for security of supply in Denmark and strives to create well-functioning cross border markets and an efficient energy transition. Energinet has approx. 1000 employees, a turnover of EUR 1,7 billion and total asset value of EUR 5,4 billion.


Contact details:
TenneT: Ulrike Hörchens:; +49 921 50740 4045

Energinet: Jesper Nørskov Rasmussen,, +45 23 33 85 75