Positive result of Open Season 2017 Phase 1 – Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM will continue the Baltic Pipe Project activities

Published 25.7.2017 16.30
The Phase I of the Open Season 2017 for the Baltic Pipe project has showed the interest in realization of the Baltic Pipe Project and confirmed the sufficient demand for gas transportation from the North Sea through Denmark and the Baltic Sea to Poland. Based on evaluation of the results of the Phase I of the Open Season 2017 initiated in June, Danish and Polish gas transmission system operators, Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM, will now continue the next activities for implementation of the Baltic Pipe.
Both Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM will now proceed with the necessary technical, environmental and economic studies and surveys in order to be able to initiate the construction of the gas pipeline if a positive investment decision is taken in 2018.

The next milestone in the Baltic Pipe Project is the initiation of the second, binding phase of the Open Season 2017, which will be launched on September 5, 2017. As a result of this phase, the shippers are expected to commit finally to 15-year contracts for capacity.

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What is Open Season?
A bidding process whereby Energinet.dk and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. invite companies in the gas market to submit bids for capacity in Baltic Pipe. The companies must submit financially binding bids and thereby acquire capacity – to transport gas through the pipes – for 15 years. The Open Season procedure aims to determine whether – as the preliminary analysis shows – the connection is financially viable.

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