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Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2021 paves the way towards climate neutral Nordic power system

The Nordic TSOs, Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät have published the Nordic Grid Development Perspective (NGDP) 2021 report. The report paves the way towards climate neutral Nordic power system.

The NGDP report presents a common Nordic scenario “Climate Neutral Nordics” that assumes high electricity consumption growth in the Nordics – increasing from the current 400 TWh to approximately 660 TWh by 2040. At the same time, the scenario assumes the renewables generation capacity to more than double from 85 GW to approximately 190 GW by 2040.  

The NGDP report also presents a future high-level system needs analysis based on the created scenario. According to the results, the transmission needs in the future system are increasing and there is a large need to increase the grid capacities. Furthermore, the existing flow patterns might change significantly in the future.

In addition, the report presents three focus area analyses: North-South power transfer, resource adequacy, and offshore wind. The report also gives an update on the Nordic corridors of interest from NGDP2019.

The report and its main results will be presented in a webinar on 11.11.2021 13-15 CET. Remember to register to the webinar here




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