Workshop on the DK1-DE border

Energinet and TenneT Germany invite all interested stakeholders to a workshop to discuss a draft Impact Assessment (IA) describing the different countertrade models for DK1-DE

On 7th September a workshop on Energinet’s premises in Fredericia, Denmark, was held to discuss alternative models for guaranteeing minimum capacities according to the Joint Declaration which was agreed between the German and the Danish governments in June 2017 (Link:; ).  As a follow up to this workshop Energinet and TenneT Germany would like to invite you to a second workshop to further discuss the different countertrade models that currently are analyzed for potential implementation on the DK1-DE border.
The workshop will take place on Energinet’s premises in Ballerup, Copenhagen.
Energinet and TenneT Germany are working together on drafting an Impact Assessment (IA) that describes the different countertrade models discussed at the first workshop, their pros and cons and expected impact on the different market timeframes, taking into considerations the input received at the first workshop in September  A final draft of this IA will be forwarded to all workshop participants in due time before the workshop.
The main aim of the workshop is to collect and discuss your feedback on this draft IA and get a step further in identifying the most suitable model for implementation from 2019 at the latest.

Registration Deadline
06 November 2017 at 07.00 PM
8 November 2017
11.00 AM-04.00 PM
Pederstrupvej 76, 2750 Ballerup

Practical information

Please be aware that due to space limitations participation is restricted to maximum 2 participants from each company.


The workshop will start at 10:00. Breakfast will be available from 9:30 and lunch around 12.00.



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