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Energinet is a group consisting of an executive board and staff, and eight subsidiaries.
Energinet’s departments at a glance.

    Executive board

    Energinet’s executive board is in charge of the day-to-day management of Energinet in accordance with the instructions of the Supervisory Board.

    Thomas Egebo

    +45 22 40 11 20
    Email: teg@energinet.dk

    Torben Thyregod

    +45 76 22 43 01
    Email: tth@energinet.dk

  • Group


    HR, Strategy and Communications

    HR, Strategy & Communications handles executive management support, strategy development, stakeholder relations, and communications.

    Stina Willumsen
    Director, Strategy & Communications
    Email: swi@energinet.dk 

    Innovation and Digitalisation

    Nicolai Nørgaard Peulicke
    Director, Digitalisation
    Email: nnp@energinet.dk

    Group Legal Affairs

    The Group Legal Affairs department provides support regarding legal issues, risk management, emergency preparedness, and quality assurance.

    Annette Ikast
    Director, Group Legal Affairs
    Email: aik@energinet.dk

  • Group Finance and Business Support

    Group Finance and Business Support

    Marianne Hansen
    CEO, Business Services
    +45 29 49 42 70
    Email: mhs@energinet.dk


    Kristian Snog Folmann
    Director, Procurement
    +45 29 79 14 71
    Email: ksf@energinet.dk  

    Finance, Compliance and Support

    Thomas Berg Jakobsen
    Vice president
    +45 51380727
    E-mail: TBJ@energinet.dk

  • IT


    Energinet’s IT departement provides IT services and system development for the group and group business units. IT is responsible for providing effecient and safe information technolgy that supports Energinet's business processes.
    Morten Gade Christensen
    tlf. +45 23 33 88 50
    Email: mgc@energinet.dk

    Engineering and Construction

    Engineering and Construction is responsible for O & M and construction work in the Danish gas transmission system.

    Peter Hodal
    CEO, Engineering and Construction
    +45 30 92 30 62
    Email: pah@energinet.dk


    Electricity Transmission

    Electricity Transmission is responsible for operating and developing the Danish electricity transmission grid.

    Henrik Riis
    CEO, Electricity Transmission
    +45 23 33 86 00
    Email: hri@energinet.dk 


    Planning is responsible for research and planning of electricity transmission facilities to ensure that Energinet constructs and reinvests in the right infrastructures at the right time.

    Martin Høegh Jensen
    Director, Planning
    Tlf: +45 76 22 48 39
    Email: mhj@energinet.dk

    Project Management

    Project Management is responsible for project planning and execution of projects that have received final approval.

    Marian Petrea Kaagh
    Director, Project Management
    +45 23 33 86 88
    Email: mpk@energinet.dk

    Engineering and Technology

    Engineering and Technology is responsible for expansions of and reinvestments in the facilities and transmission systems that form the Danish electricity transmission grid.

    Michael Plesner Østergaard
    +45 24412993
    E-mail: MEP@energinet.dk


    Henrik Brinkman Madsen
    Director, Asset +45 23 33 86 86
    Email: hbm@energinet.dk


    System operator

    System Operator is responsible for the operation and development of the energy market design and balancing the energy systems.

    Søren Dupont Kristensen
    CEO, Electricity System Operator
    +45 23 33 86 31
    Email: sdk@energinet.dk

    Business and markets

    Signe Horn Rosted
    +45 23 33 89 92
    Email: shr@energinet.dk

    Energy Islands

    Hanne Storm Edlefsen
    +45 23 33 85 50
    Email: hse@energinet.dk

    Electricity System Operation

    Klaus Winther
    +45 24 91 98 74
    Email: kwi@energinet.dk

    System Development

    Stine Greena Jensen
    Tlf. +45 23338692


    Gas Storage Denmark

    Gas Storage Denmark A/S owns and operates Denmark’s 2 underground gas storage facilities:

    • the aquifer storage facility at Stenlille in the central part of Zealand
    • the salt cavern facility at Lille Torup in northern Jutland 

    Our storage customers optimize their storage position as ONE STORAGE. Behind that, we operate our two storage facilities based on synergy and complementarity of the technical equipment and capability that an aquifer and a salt cavern offer, when operated together. Gas Storage Denmark A/S is a fully-owned subsidiary of Energinet

    Adam Elbæk
    Vicepresident & CEO, Gas Storage Denmark
    +45 30 67 47 34
    Email: ael@gasstorage.dk



    DataHub is responsible for ensuring the well-functioning operation of DataHub and also provides DataHub support for market players. 

    Martin Lervad Lundø
    CEO, DataHub
    +45 23 33 88 99
    Email: mln@energinet.dk

  • Associated Activities

    Associated Activities provides consultancy services world wide, for example China, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Through projects, teaching and training, we share the knowledge and experience we have from our own everyday lives, where we integrate increasing proportions of wind power into the Danish electricity system.

    Read more about Energinet Associated Activites.

    Access to fibre optical cables and lease space on our transmission towers

    Peter Marklussen 
    Director, Associated Activities
    Ph: +45 61 24 43 53
    Mail: pmr@energinet.dk