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We are among the best in the world at integrating wind energy into the power system.


The Danish DataHub facilitates and automates the execution of market processes and business transactions in the Danish retail market. Meter readings from approx. 3.3 million metering points - consumption and production - are registered and managed in the DataHub for settlement purposes.
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Energy data

Energinet has a number of energy data, which we make available for other parties.


Energinet actively takes part in the development within the European energy market

Rules & regulations

Rules on trade, connection and operation in the Danish electricity market

New market player

International market players such as balance responsible parties and electricity suppliers can enter the Danish electricity market.

How to become a new player

Certificates of origin

Our 'climate conscious energy' certification scheme helps consumers make informed energy choices.


Energinet help other countries integrate renewable energy into the electricity grid.


Current tariffs in the Danish energy sector