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ECP is Energinets new IT communication platform
  • ECP (Energy Communication Platform) is a platform developed for the European TSOs
  • The communication platform is based on MADES (Market Data Exchange Standard).
  • The purpose is to ensure a secure and reliable exchange of messages between market participants and TSOs.
  • There are no licensing costs associated with the software
  • The market participant establishes a logical end point which may consist of an ECP end point and an EDX tool box.
  • The ECP end point is the software component which connects to Energinet's ECP infrastructure and handles message exchange.
  • The EDX tool box is a self-contained extension of the ECP endpoint that allows for more advanced functionalities.
  • The ECP end point must have an address assigned (EIC code)
  • The ECP end point must be approved in the Component Directory
  • The EDX tool box must be registered in the Service Catalogue to use a service.