Energy data

Energinet has a number of energy data, which we make available for other parties. Some data are open for everybody, other require login.

On this page you can find raw data and statistics or energy data provided by other players in the electricity market.

Energy data for all

Energinet's web portal, Energy Data Service, offers CO2 signals, data from the electricity market and consumption and production data. You can access the data set via API access.
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market data

Extract and compile your own data set across time, currency and format or many other variables. The data set is updated twice a week with the recent approved data. Energinet cannot be held liable for any data errors.

See Introduction to download of market data for further guidance or visit the web page.

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5 minutes' metering

For access to online metering from the East Danish and West Danish electiricity system please contact us.

Access to these data requires login
Access to these data requires authorisation from Statistics Denmark
Access to these data requires application


The Danish DataHub facilitates and automates the execution of market processes and business transactions in the Danish retail market. Meter readings from approx. 3.3 million metering points (consumption and production) are registered and managed in the DataHub for settlement purposes.
Learn more about the Danish DataHub

Energy DataStore

Keep up with the development of the Energy Data Service project launching June 15th, 2017

Nord pool

Market data from the Nordic and Baltic countries on the power market


Energy data etc. on ENTSO-E's Transparency...