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Gas Quality in Denmark

Gas that reaches Denmark’s consumers come from diverse sources, such as the North Sea, Germany, biogas upgrading facilities and Energinet’s gas storage facilities.

Regardless of its origin, gas flowing through Energinet's transmission system must at all times be compatible with Danish gas legislation established by the Danish Safety Technology Authority as detailed in Denmark's Gas Regulation and Rules for Gas Transport.

Gas quality data from Energi Data Service

Energinet's Energi Data Service provides data of the gas quality. You can download data of the composition of the gas and other gas quality parameters as measured at central points in the Danish gas transmission system.
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Denmark's Gas Regulation

Danish gas quality standards (in Danish only)

Quality specifications

Quality and delivery specifications (in English)

How we measure gas quality

Pdf-document details how we measure the quality of gas

Fact sheet

Future natural gas qualities

Questions about Denmark's gas quality?

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