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Tariffs and fees on the Danish gas market

Energinet is subject to a "revenue cap regulation"-regime administered by the Danish Utility Regulator (DUR) and offers competitive rates.

All transportation tariffs, emergency supply payments and other fees related to the payment of transportation in the gas transmission system are included in our current list of tariffs.


REGULATION (EU) 2017/460 establishes a network code on harmonised transmission tariff structures for gas, including rules on the application of a reference price methodology and calculation of reserve prices for standard capacity products.

The set out of Union-wide rules have the objectives of contributing to market integration, enhancing security of supply and promoting the interconnection between gas networks.


A crucial step in reaching these objectives is to increase the transparency of transmission tariff structures and procedures towards setting them. In this regard the network code set out requirements for publishing the information related to the determination of the revenues of transmission system operators and to the derivation of different transmission and non-transmission tariffs.


In order to enhance market transparency, under the coordination of European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG), the transmission network operators have facilitated the access to information provided to network users and market participants through the implementation of a common standardized format for publication of the required data.


Energinet as member of ENTSOG has implemented the harmonized template in this section of the web page. It contains the information required by Article 29 and 30 of REGULATION (EU) 2017/460.




Download 2024/2025: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2023/2024: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2022/2023: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2021/2022: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2020/2021: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2019/2020: ARTICLE 29 AND 30


Download 2018/2019: EARLY COMPLIANCE MEMO


Link to: Tariff forecasting model October 2020

Link to: Tariff forecasting model October 2019


MEMO: Interruptible capacity at different points


Link to: Final Consultation 16. november 2018

Questions or comments regarding gas tariffs

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