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Few months delay in the construction of converter Station in Bentwisch

Published 24.1.2019 12.00
Danish Energinet and German 50Hertz establish the world’s first offshore interconnection by using the national grid connections to offshore wind-farms in the Baltic Sea.

As eastern Denmark and Germany are two different synchronous areas, a frequency transformation is necessary. This will be done by two converters that convert the alternating current from the Nordic synchronous area into direct current and directly back to AC, now adapted to the European synchronous area. The so-called back-to-back converter is being installed in Bentwisch near Rostock, Germany.

The civil works and construction of the converter station have been delayed by a few months, which means that the interconnection is expected for launch in Q3 2019.

The delay that is primarily due to the overheated construction market in Germany, has occurred in the construction of the hall and the service building, which will house the converter. The specially designed converter with associated control systems and equipment for high-voltage connection was tested and is ready for installation as originally planned. All other milestones in the project have been achieved as planned. The offshore platform is installed and the cables are in place.