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Each year Energinet purchases products and services for an amount in excess of DKK 4.5 billion. Energinet has activities throughout Denmark and also collaborates with other TSO's. The purchases range from major investments in the Danish electricity and gas systems to minor purchases relating to administration and maintenance. Consequently, Energinet.dk uses a wide range of suppliers - some who operate locally in close proximity to our facilities, and others who operate in the global market.

Categorization in procurement

At Energinet, the procurement department is organized into nine categories which cover the different supply, service and works contracts which are awarded every year.

Contractors Services

This category deals with procurement in relation to assembly and maintenance of cables and wires, gas-specific services, cable construction work, construction work, and offshore construction operations such as installation of platforms, ship assistance and diving.

Gas Components

In this category, onshore and offshore gas transmission lines and other products and goods are purchased for gas stations such as valves, pumps, emergency equipment. The category also covers repairs and maintenance within the area

Facility Services

The Facility Service category has a wide range of non-project-related product types and services. These may include office operations, rent of buildings, cleaning, fixtures, cars, HR, insurance and pension schemes.


The IT category is responsible for the purchase of hardware, software, IT support, leased communication and IT consultants.

Transmission Lines

The category for Transmission Lines covers the procurement of high voltage power cables and wires above 132 kV. These include sea and land cables, high voltage power lines, offshore installation of cables and purchase of various cables, wires and related goods, services and accessories.


The Structures category purchases steel constructions, platforms and other construction tasks with related work and services.


This category contains all kinds of transport related tasks including storage, lifts and roadmaps.


The category deals with procurement of administrative and technical consultants and advisors including auditors, lawyers, real estate agents, project managers and assistants, offshore consultants. In addition, archaeological studies and supervisory tasks.


The Substation category purchases transformers, reactors, coupling equipment, measurement transformers, converters, synchronous compensators, control systems, self-supply systems, climate control, low voltage components, maintenance equipment, etc.