Nordic balancing moves forward

The work on a future Nordic balancing model continues forward and all five Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding. This paves the way towards the future balancing of the Nordic power system, including the introduction of modernized Area Control Error (ACE) as the balancing method. The aim of the TSOs is to have one common Nordic Load-Frequency (LFC) block, consisting of 11 LFC areas corresponding to the current bidding zones.

With this MoU, the Nordic TSOs agree on important principles for the future Nordic balancing model. All Nordic TSOs find that this work is important to ensure good decisions on LFC block structure as well as the following methods and models following the European guidelines.

- We are now working towards the common proposal to the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) from all Nordic TSOs. We are in good hope that the five parties will enter into a cooperation agreement by the beginning of March, leading to a common proposal to the NRAs, say the CEOs of the Nordic TSOs in a joint statement.