Gas Storage Denmark publishes data in Energy Data Service

Energinet has published a new set of data about available gas storage capacity on the group's open data portal: Energy Data Service (EDS)

Gas Storage Denmark (GSD), a part of the Energinet Group, has published the data set "Storage available capacity."

"We have wanted to make our data easily accessible in manageable formats to the general public and professionals for some time now. Our central flow and inventory data have been available to the public for years, but the mindset behind and scalability of the EDS portal appeals greatly to our data driven business model. Actually, we plan to release further operational datasets from our internal systems on a regular basis. The EDS portal provides reliable and efficient access to data without compromising the underlying systems. EDS offers a wide range of energy data from many different systems, meaning that the portal is suitable for development of future business models across energy systems," explains Adam Elbæk, CEO of Gas Storage Denmark.

Gas Storage’s data originate from the operational warehouse management system GSMS (Gas Storage Management System). All historical GSMS data about the available storage capacities have been already published on EDS, and going forward, all newest GSMS data will be published on a daily basis as well.

GSD also uses EDS data on the gas storage facility's new website,, presenting information on storage capacity in graphs and tables.

Presently, GSD’s first dataset in EDS provides an outline of the below data points. In the future, GSD will feed in even more data into EDS as we develop and expand our new website

  • Capacity, quantity
  • Capacity, injection
  • Capacity, extraction


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