Energinet establishes subsidiaries

As of May 1, Energinet changes its organisational structure establishing a number of subsidiaries. In future, Energinet consists of a group staff, two business services companies and the following subsidiaries: Electricity System Operator, Electricity Transmission, TSO Gas, Gas Storage Denmark, Danish Gas Distribution, and DataHub.

Each subsidiary has its own management and board of directors, and all decisions regarding daily operations will be carried out in the subsidiaries.

"Due to Energinet's growth, our business has become more complex. With the new corporate structure, we create greater transparency in decision making, and we make a clear separation of roles and responsibilities. It must be clear to citizens and the energy industry who does what, " said CEO Thomas Egebo.

Unambiguous responsibility for operations and results
In recent years, Energinet has taken over several new tasks, and the individual business areas have different financial management and different ways of optimising operations. The new units create unambiguous responsibility for operations and results and even better opportunities to drive business areas based on the premises they are subject to. Thus, Energinet ensures that the state's critical energy infrastructure is still being operated as efficiently as possible.

Responsibility for Energinet’s long-term development, strategy and policies remains with the Executive Board. The Board also makes all decisions that require prioritisation and focus across entities.

Energinet's Supervisory Board, appointed by the Energy, Utilities and Climate Minister, will still have the ultimate strategic and business responsibility for Energinet.



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