Indonesian Minister for Energy is interested in Danish experiences with renewable energy

On Wednesday, the Indonesian Minister for Energy visited Energinet to learn more about the successful Danish experiences with integration of renewable energy. The Minister is also participating in Clean Energy Ministerial 9 in Copenhagen this week. The visit is strengthening the Danish-Indonesian energy cooperation.

The Indonesian Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources, Ignasius Jonan, and a delegation of 30 people visited Energinet’s electricity control centre on Wednesday. 24 hours a day, the control centre monitors the Danish electricity transmission system. The Minister was visiting Energinet because he and the delegation wanted to know about how Denmark is integrating large volumes of renewable energy with fluctuating production of wind and solar energy.

“Indonesia has ambitious climate targets; for example they want to assure that 23 % of the energy is renewable in 2025. It is our hope that we can show the minister how it is possible to work with renewable energy without compromising the security of supply,” Peter Jørgensen, head of Energinet Associated Activities, says. He continues:

“The minister was also interested in learning more about our experiences with interconnectors – connections between countries and islands – as well as he was interested in the opening of the electricity market.”

Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Ressources, Ignasius Jonan, meets CEO of Energinet, Thomas Egebo. 

Strengthening Danish-Indonesian cooperation

The Indonesian Minister of Energy is going to participate in the international meeting for ministers of energy in Copenhagen – CEM9 – where also Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, will participate. CEM9 is held this week, at the same time as Nordic Clean Energy Week in Copenhagen and Malmö. 

At the visit at Energinet, the Indonesian Minister heard about Danish experiences with operational planning and forecasts for solar and wind power, challenges in the transition to the electricity market and transmission planning and coordination of the power systems.

Finally, the visit was also initiating the next phase in the Danish-Indonesian energy cooperation. Recently the electricity company owned by the Indonesian state, PLN, visited Energinet to participate in workshops about integration of renewable energy in the power system. And earlier, representatives from Energinet visited Indonesia to talk about network codes.

“With the minister visiting, the cooperation between Denmark and Indonesia is now both of a technical and political character. The minister’s visit marks a good start to the next phase in the Danish-Indonesian energy cooperation program, beginning this fall and running towards 2020,” Peter Jørgensen says.

The Indonesian Minister of Energy visited Energinet to know about Danish experiences with renewable energy.

30 people participating in workshop about flexibility

In addition to the Indonesian minister’s visit, 30 energy people from the whole world were gathered at a workshop at Energinet this Wednesday. After the last CEM9 in Shanghai, a CEM-flexibility campaign was started. 

Together with the Danish Energy Agency, Energinet for the IEA has made two analyses – one about flexibility in for example power stations and international connections, and one about the importance of electricity market for flexibility in the power system. The analyses were presented by Chief Engineer at Energinet Investment Planning, Peter Børre, and head of Energinet Ancillary Services-department, Peter Markussen.

Also, Energinet contributes to the Clean Energy Week with the conference Digital Roundtable, which focuses on how the energy sector and the digital sector can work together.



CEM9 and Clean Energy Week

Clean Energy Ministerial 9 – CEM9 – takes place in Copenhagen and Malmö May 22-23 2018. The theme is “Energy Integration and Transition: towards a competitive and innovative low carbon economy”. 

CEM9 happens at the same time as Copenhagen and Malmö is hosting Nordic Clean Energy Week.



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