More than a 100 suppliers attended the Baltic Pipe’s Supplier Day

Suppliers from Japan, Australia, Russia, Denmark and many other countries. participated in Energinet’s Supplier Day for the gas pipeline project - the Baltic Pipe in Copenhagen on 14 November 2018.

During the event, there was a lot of listening, explaining and answering questions when Energinet invited for Supplier Day on the Baltic Pipe project. Representatives from suppliers from all over the world, including Japan, Australia, Russia and several European countries, were present in Copenhagen for Energinet’s presentation of the project and talks about the major gas project.

The final investment decision has not been made yet, but if it is positive,, several hundred kilometers of gas pipelines will be needed for construction together with  the personnel and machinery to bury them in the ground or lay them on the seabed. 

- I was very pleased to see that so many interested suppliers showed up to learn more about the project. It is in our interest to illustrate and explain the Baltic Pipe project in the best way – in such way we are sure that we receive the best offers. It is also in the suppliers’ interest to be as well-equipped as possible for the tenders that may come - explains Chief Project Manager in Energinet and host of the event, Søren Juul Larsen.     

The Supplier Day featured both presentations from the stage as well as a lot of conversations and clarifying talks with the suppliers. 

- It was a very productive day for us in Energinet - states Søren Juul Larsen.

He points out that even though Baltic Pipe is going to be a major project of interest to large international and highly-specialized gas companies, it will also present possibilities for Danish and local companies. 

- Danish companies can of course submit offers like all others, but it is also easy to imagine that the companies that are awarded some of the major contracts – whether they are from Denmark or abroad – will need sub-suppliers and look to collaborate with local companies on anything from civil engineering and transportation to accommodation and services - explains Søren Juul Larsen.

The vast majority of the contracts will be concluded from 2019 to 2021.




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