Shippers’ Forum is important for gas market cooperation

Thursday 13 December 2018 market players on the Danish gas market met at Energinet Gas TSO for Shippers’ Forum – a dialogue meeting for shippers and other market players.

The topics ranged from changes on the gas market in the near future to a future including the construction of Baltic Pipe. Additionally they were informed about a new and more transparent communication channel for news about development of the gas market. 

A continued involvement of gas market players and a more transparent way of communicating has led to establishment of a news feed on the English part of the website, where Energinet Gas TSO will publish all future gas market communication. 

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Shippers, market players and others may sign up for news regarding development of the gas market, call for tenders, market hearings and invitations to Shippers’ Forum, etc. through this link:

The new communication channel was one among many topics at Shippers’ Forum where the programme on Thursday also included the construction of Baltic pipe and the market coupling between the Danish and the Swedish gas market in a Joint Balancing Zone. Also the European Union’s positive view gas in a future green energy system was a part of the programme. 

Redevelopment of Tyra leads to rethinking of the gas supply situation
However, the redevelopment of the Tyra-fields in the North Sea was the main topic with several issues for discussion. The reconstruction period from 2019 to 2022 will change the supply situation in Denmark and Sweden and calls for a close cooperation with shippers and market players in general already starting the coming winter.

As one shipper, Jens Kersting from RWE, expressed after Shippers’ Forum: “I found that this Shippers’ Forum was one of the more exciting events recently. In particular the Tyra topics were very interesting and it was extremely helpful that they were presented.”

Especially the supply situation and the market measures related to the period where the Tyra platform will be shut down for redevelopment was a hot topic. The main message to the market players is that we aim at getting through the Tyra-period safely and that the Danish consumers rely on the market players for supply of gas also in this period. 

Market players on the gas market have the responsibility to supply their Danish consumers according to their demand for gas, and Energinet Gas TSO is in frequent contact with them. Even though next Shippers’ Forum will not be held until March next year, we are in dialogue with them in the meantime. This is where the new communication channel plays an important role,” Manager of Gas Market Development Clement Ulrichsen says.

Shippers Forum


Shippers’ Forum is a dialogue meeting

Shippers and other market players meet with Energinet Gas TSO four times a year for Shippers’ Forum to discuss subjects concerning operation and commercial development of the Danish gas market.

The meeting was held at Energinet Gas TSO in Ballerup on 13 December. Next meeting is on 7 March 2019.

Read more from the event on 13 December here: Presentation from Shippers forum 

What happens when Tyra shuts down?

The Tyra gas fields in the North Sea will temporarily shut down for redevelopment. Since the 1980ies the fields have been the primary supply source of gas to Swedish and Danish consumers. 

During the recontruction period the gas will come from Germany, from biogas and from the gas storages.    

Read more about the Tyra reconstruction and much more about the supply situation in the Security of Gas Supply Report: Security of gas supply report 2018

You can also read more about the recontruction of Tyra and the supply situation here: Gas Supply during the redevelopment of the Tyra gas field 2019-2022


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