Baltic Pipe connection may strengthen security of supply during Tyra platform redevelopment

The Baltic Pipe project, intended to connect Denmark and Poland to the Norwegian gas fields, will be able to connect Denmark and Norway as early as January 2022. The Danish market can thus access Norwegian gas during a period of challenged security of supply because no gas is supplied from Tyra.

 During the redevelopment of the Tyra platform in the North Sea between September 2019 and July 2022, the Danish gas system will be more vulnerable than usual, even though analyses show that the supply to Danish and Swedish customers can be maintained using primarily gas imported from Germany. 


Since 1987, the Tyra field facilities have been the main source of supply for Danish and Swedish gas consumers, and the redevelopment therefore challenges the security of supply.

However, an updated time schedule for the Baltic Pipe project now shows that gas from Norway will be able to flow to Denmark earlier than expected, and Norwegian gas can thus alleviate the pressure on the Danish security of supply during part of the period of the Tyra redevelopment.

- The possibility of transporting Norwegian gas to Denmark during the shutdown of the Tyra field is excellent news for the security of supply for the Danish gas market. Even though we can maintain the security of supply using our gas storage facilities and gas from Germany, the connection to Norway will make the Danish gas system less vulnerable to disruptions, says Torben Brabo, CEO, Energinet Gas TSO.


The overall Baltic Pipe project, destined to connect Norway, Denmark and Poland, is scheduled for commissioning on 1 October 2022, but work is already following an official time schedule according to which gas can be transported from Norway to Denmark as early as January 2022.


- The purpose of Baltic Pipe is first and foremost to strengthen and integrate the European gas market and contribute to achieving the European climate targets, but this is a welcome bonus, says Torben Brabo, CEO, Energinet Gas TSO.


Even though the time schedule is now in place, there is still a natural uncertainty regarding the start date for the connection to Norway, because – as always in the event of large projects – it may be affected by unforeseen events.


As the possibility of transporting Norwegian gas to Denmark earlier than expected may affect prices in the market, Energinet has informed the market through a REMIT message.



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