Denmark is ready for the first winter without the Tyra gas field

The Tyra gas field in the North Sea is temporarily closed for redevelop-ment. However, the 2019 security of gas supply report shows a smooth transition to the import of gas from Germany to Denmark.

As of the 20th of September, the Tyra platform stopped gas production. The field will not be up and running before July 2022. Consequently, Denmark and Sweden are currently receiving most of their gas supply from Germany.

Up ahead awaits the first winter with whatever challenges it may bring for the gas supply. However, Torben Brabo, CEO of Energinet Gas TSO is not worried by the thought:

- We are well prepared going into the first winter without gas from Tyra. But even though the market players have already booked 80 % of the capacity between Denmark and Germany for the coming two gas years, it’s not a time to rest. The gas system is more vulnerable in the case of extraordinary high demand, which is something all parties must be ready to handle, says Torben Brabo, CEO in Energinet Gas TSO.

The gas system is more vulnerable and less flexible in the event of unusually high demand or the occurrence of a technical incident which may reduce the supply to consumers. Energinet is expecting a higher risk of Early Warning declarations during the redevelopment of the Tyra complex.

Biogas contributes to the security of supply
The share of green gasses in the grid has grown rapidly in both 2018 and 2019. This is a continuation of the develop­ment where the biogas capacity that has been established over the past five years is equivalent to the accumulated capacity of the past 30 years. By the end of 2019 biogas injected to the grid amounts to more than 11 % of the Danish gas consumption.

One day in the summer of 2019 biogas injected in the gas grid constituted 35 % of the total gas consumption in Denmark. This measurement was registered on July 13th and is thus the record of the year, when you look at the added biogas to the grid in relation to the Danish gas consumption.

The gas system is thus increasingly becoming a part of the green transition, and biogas is now also contributing to the general security of supply.

Security of gas supply in the coming years

Energinet has in recent years cooperated with market players and regulatory authorities to ensure the best possible conditions for infrastructure, operation and market in order to sustain the highest possible level of supply security during the redevelopment of Tyra.


About the report

Energinet Gas TSO is responsible for safeguarding the security of supply and surveils the security of supply in Denmark. According to the Danish Executive Order on Maintaining Security of Natural Gas Supply Energinet shall prepare a security of gas supply report to the Danish Energy Agency.


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