Energinet investigates possibilities of new digital platform

A blockchain-based platform, Equigy, was launched on 23 April by three large European TSOs. Energinet has been invited to join the collaboration.

A new platform, Equigy, which is the result of a collaboration between German-Dutch TenneT, Italian Terna and Swiss Swissgrid, is designed to make it easier for small electricity demand and generation units, such as electric vehicles, domestic solar power systems and individual heat pumps, to contribute to grid balancing. 

The Equigy platform is a digital link between the so-called TSO ancillary service markets and the market players that deliver such balancing services. The platform is scalable since it’s use is expected to grow as electrification rates increase, leading to growing numbers of electric vehicles, domestic solar power systems and small heat pumps in the European energy system. Equigy is developed so that other European TSOs also can join the platform. Energinet is now looking into such possibility, in collaboration with the other TSOs. 

TenneT, Swissgrid, Terna and Energinet have signed a Letter of Intent in which the parties confirm a joint interest in bringing Energinet into the Equigy collaboration. Therefore, Energinet will now investigate the possibilities of becoming part of the collaboration.

- The new platform Equigy offers a digital solution to potentially increase participation of small demand and generation units in balancing the electricity system. This is important when it comes to maintaining a solid foundation for a secure green transition in the electricity sector. Therefore, we are now investigating the potential of this platform in the context of the Danish energy system. Based on our findings, we will decide on joining the collaboration regarding the platform, says Søren Dupont Kristensen, CEO of Energinet Electricity System Operator.

The consortium behind Equigy appreciates the interest expressed by Energinet: 

- We are pleased with the fact that Energinet has expressed interest in joining the collaboration. Being able to include Denmark, with its high shares of renewable energy in the electricity generation mix, into the European cooperation will be valuable for our common work to enhance standardization and extend Equigy’s European roll-out, says Manon van Beek, CEO at TenneT Holding.

The four TSO’s have signed a letter of intent aiming at taking the decision on Energinet joining the cooperation within this year. The investigation will include analysing the value of the platform within the green transition of the Danish energy sector, including the potentials for reducing barriers and facilitating the participation of new technologies, in relation to the Danish electricity sector, market and regulatory frameworks and IT-technical aspects.

More information on Equigy.



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