Martin Lervad Lundø, CEO Energinet DataHub

New generation DataHub to boost green transition

To meet new criteria and changing needs from the electricity market and the consumers, Energinet is now upgrading the DataHub system. To ensure the DataHub’s ability to keep up with the continuing and hasty developments around us, Energinet has entered a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Data is a major cornerstone in developing the solutions for the climate crisis which is why there is a growing need to make data accessible and activate it in society.

The strategic partnership with Microsoft will enable Energinet to develop the Danish DataHub in a way that is future-secure in the widest sense, as it will allow Energinet to solve the expected capacity challenges as well as create a foundation for the massive changes happening in the electricity market associated to the green transition now and in the future.

DataHub is the key
The current DataHub holds billions of data on electricity production and -consumption. The system needs an upgrade and further development of the large databank. Partially to ensure the continued dependable settlement when the flex settlement and the hourly measurements are implemented, partially because the green transition demands a higher level of activated data.

"The DataHub is central, and as such our task of operating and developing it is growing. Data isn’t only fundamental to settlement. Data is also fundamental for society to create an ingenious, effective, and fast transition to sustainable energy. The many entrepreneurs and companies that will create the future solutions and products need a solid foundation and knowledge to work from – and DataHub can deliver just that" says Martin Lervad Lundø, Director of Energinet DataHub A/S. 

Tomorrows electricity will be produced by wind and solar power – which means we will be able to produce it “as the weather permits”. As such we need to be able to store green electricity to be able to supply industry, consumers, transportation and the like when the weather “does not permit”, if we are to be able to phase out oil, coal and gas in large parts of energy consumption.
There will be a much larger need for green electricity and for flexible consumption of it in the future. That requires innovation and a system like DataHub, providing a foundation that is continuously updated to keep up with changes and new demands.

Microsoft and an open source approach will help us to navigate
The fast development in the energy sector means that there will be a continuous need for building and developing the system, and that requires a wide array of knowledge and expertise. 

"With Energinet’s expertise in energy-markets and Microsoft’s expertise in software and architecture the upgraded DataHub system will be able to maintain the essential daily operations while at the same time facilitating the green transition by making data accessible and flexible in order to integrate new solutions", says Martin Lervad Lundø. 

In addition to strategic partnerships, Energinet is choosing an open source approach to draw from and share knowledge with the entire world. New green solutions can be built upon and developed further and as such DataHub and Denmark is able to accelerate the green transition globally.



DataHub is a central and independent it-system, which is run and owned by Energinet on behalf of the Danish society. In addition to gathering billions of data on consumers, consumption, and prices, DataHub handles all communication between actors in the market. For instance, the DataHub registers the Danish consumption by the hour to ensure correct settlements. 

Both in an anonymous and in a confidential form, the billions of data provide entrepreneurs and companies with an immense knowledge, which is used to create the intelligent green solutions and products of the future. 

Energinet believes, that the best way to develop the best, the cheapest and the fastest green transition is to cooperate across sectors and national boundaries – for instance between commercial and non-commercial parties.


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