Gasstorage Lille Torup close to Viborg in Jytland

New record for biogas in the gas system in 2021

At the end of 2021, the production of biogas injected into the gas system was at a level corresponding to just under 25% of gas consumption in Denmark. By comparison, at the end of 2020, biogas accounted for around 21% of gas consumption. The increase in biogas reduces CO2 emissions from the energy we consume.

Biogas facilities in Denmark have never before supplied as much biogas to the Danish gas system than they did in 2021. At the end of 2021, biogas injected into the gas system thus reached a level corresponding to just under 25%. By comparison, this level was around 21% at the end of 2020.  

Jeppe Danø, Vice President and head of the electricity and gas market departments in Energinet, is pleased with the increase in biogas in the gas system. The reason is that this helps give consumers access to a green energy source, which reduces CO2 emissions from the energy system.

Helping to reduce CO2 emissions
- Gas in the Danish gas system can now increasingly be called renewable. And it is important that the share of biogas increases, as we are facing a huge transition of our energy system and our society. A transition where we must achieve an energy system with net emissions of zero CO2 by 2050. In order to get there, we need to reduce CO2 emissions from the energy we consume, explains Jeppe Danø.

Biogas production can replace fossil gas, thus reducing CO2 emissions from the burning of gas from the gas grid. Even though we need less gas for fewer things in the future, it is important to continue to ensure that a large share of gas consumption comes from biogas production.  

51 new biogas facilities connected
Since 2013, 51 biogas facilities have been connected to the gas system. One facility is connected directly to the transmission system at Bevtoft, while the other facilities are connected to the distribution system throughout Denmark. When biogas is fed into the gas system, it can be used for heating, combined heat and power (CHP) production, for various types of production in enterprises and for cars, trucks and buses running on gas. 

Analysis assumptions prepared in 2021 expect this growth to continue so that biogas will be able to cover 75% of Danish gas consumption in 2030. In 2034, biogas production is expected to be able to fully meet Danish gas demand on an annual basis. 

Biogas production is a significant contribution to the security of supply, both in relation to meeting an increasing share of gas demand and in relation to the locations of the biogas production facilities. Biogas increases Danish gas self-sufficiency and provides Danish gas consumers with a larger decentralised and wide-spread gas supply.




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