Invitation to market dialogue about hydrogen infrastructure

The Danish Energy agency, Evida and Energinet invites you to participate in a market dialogue about your interest and needs for hydrogen infrastructure. You participate by answering the survey not later than 12 September 2022.

The purpose of the market dialogue is to obtain information from hydrogen and PtX stakeholders on their interest and need for hydrogen infrastructure in Denmark. 

The PtX agreement gives Energinet and Evida the possibility to own and operate hydrogen infrastructure and the market dialogue will help Energinet and Evida in preparing for an hydrogen infrastructure, untill the final distribution of roles has been clarified. 

- Evida's approach to establishing a hydrogen infrastructure is market-based. At the same time, we believe it is crucial that we, together with the Danish Energy Agency and Energinet, develop and plan the best possible foundation for the hydrogen infrastructure of the future. We are therefore looking forward to the market dialogue so that together we receive valuable input from the entire market, says Peter Kristensen, Strategy and Development Director at Evida.

The survey addresses information from projects (i) producing hydrogen, (ii) expect to use hydrogen, (iii) both will be a producer and a consumer of hydrogen.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain information from projects that (i) produce hydrogen, (ii) want to purchase hydrogen, (iiI) both produce and purchase hydrogen.

- With hydrogen infrastructure, we can create value from the large Danish potentials for renewable energy. Together with the players, we must find a development path to ensure that hydrogen infrastructure delivers the greatest possible value to Denmark and the PtX players in both the short and long term. This supports the Danish PtX position of strength, the political ambitions for the green transition and export of green energy as well as the balance of the Danish energy system, " says Stine Grenaa Jensen, Vice President of System Development at Energinet. 

Further information about the questionnaire:

A number of companies are involved in several hydrogen projects, and the individual hydrogen projects may also have several partners. Evida, Energinet and the Danish Energy Agency wish to receive one response per project. If your company is involved in, for example, four construction projects for PtX production, you must fill out the questionnaire for all four projects. 

The questionnaire is expected to take about 20-30 minutes to complete. 

The questionnaire consists of a number of questions of a factual nature as well as a number of assessment questions, for example regarding possible barriers to operating a PtX plant.




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