Energinet raises sector emergency preparedness level

Energinet is responsible for the overall operation of the Danish electricity and gas systems. Following leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, the Danish Energy Agency has recommended that Energinet raise the sectoral level of emergency preparedness in both the electricity and gas sectors.

Consequently, Energinet has notified the electricity and gas sectors that they must raise the emergency preparedness level to ORANGE, which is the second highest level, and means that all sector companies must be aware of the security around their facilities.

Specifically, this increased emergency preparedness level means that certain measures are imposed which companies in the electricity and gas sectors must implement to increase the security of, for example, facilities, buildings, and installations. These specific measures vary, depending on the type of facility, and are not communicated publicly for security reasons.

The Danish Energy Agency states:

  • At present, none of yesterday's events affect the supply of gas to Europe and Denmark as none of the pipelines were in operation.
  • The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a navigation warning and established a prohibited area to prevent vessels from entering the prohibited zones as this could cause a vessel to have a leak. Vessels may lose buoyancy if they enter the area; in addition, there may be a risk of ignition above the water and in the air. Therefore, a prohibited zone with a radius of five nautical nautical miles has been established for vessels.
  • There are found to be no health or safety concerns as regards activities outside the current prohibited zones. This also applies to residents on Bornholm and Christiansø.
  • It is too early to say anything about the cause of these incidents.
  • There is close contact with international partners.

Press inquiries about what the raised emergency preparedness level specifically means must be made to the Danish Energy Agency.

Read news from the Danish Energy Agency regarding the raised emergency preparedness. 

Read more about the energy sectors' emergency preparedness on the Danish Energy Agency's website.


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