New strategy to ensure energy in time in Denmark and Europe

The European energy supply crisis and stronger climate change initiatives point in the same direction: The green transition must be scaled up and happen quicker. Energinet plays a central role, and a new strategy will enable us to supply green energy in time.

Strategy for the future security of supply
The move towards a 100% green energy system must happen at a far quicker pace than expected. The reform paper "Denmark can do more II" and the summer's political climate agreement heavily underline this. The former targets for 2040 or 2050 now apply to 2030 to achieve a greater energy independence as quickly as possible. For example, Denmark must quadruple electricity generated by solar cells and onshore wind turbines in just eight years. 

"The most recent climate agreement has moved the goal line 10 years closer, and this turbocharges the green transition of our energy systems. Energinet plays a key role – and in order to succeed, we must focus all our efforts on our core tasks and what is most important. This new strategy will be a strong starting point for this," says Thomas Egebo, President and CEO of Energinet.

An ambitious course has thus been set with high expectations for Energinet.

"Right now, we must ensure a high level of security of supply for the Danes despite the lack of Russian gas. In the longer term, we must provide a high level of security of supply in an energy system based on solar and wind energy, also on evenings with no wind," continues Thomas Egebo.

A drastically accelerated transition to an entirely green energy system is a decisive, but also difficult task. Major challenges must be resolved along the way.

"There is no doubt that it will place great demands on our tasks, our culture, and the way we work and collaborate, because we can only succeed with this massive task by working closely with the world around us. And we must also have fun as we go along. But we have a great staring point in terms of a strong foundation and skilled and committed employees." 

Green energy for Europe
Mogens Lykketoft, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Energinet, says: "The strategy must also help underpin the political ambitions of exploiting the great potential for Danish net exports of green energy to the rest of Europe."

"Denmark has a huge potential for exporting green energy to millions of Europeans while also contributing extensively to security of supply in Europe. Energinet must help to unlock this potential, and this is part of the new strategy." 

Focus on core competencies
The primary objective of the strategy is to enable Energinet to develop a green energy system in record time to meet future expectations and needs.

"The new strategy is our shared basis for focusing our efforts on the specific tasks that only we can perform, and which are particularly important for us to succeed in our contribution to a green, better, and more secure world," says Mogens Lykketoft.


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