Financial Statements 2019 - an excerpt in English

A full version of Energinet's annual report is available only in Danish. This is an English excerpt of the financial statements in 2019. You can read about Energinet's strategy, results and ongoing work in other English documents listed below.

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2019 became an important landmark year in the ongoing green transition. A year of significant results and a year of striking new ambitions: Renewable energy from sun and wind hit a record in 2019, accounting for just 50% of Danish electricity consumption. The Danish Parliament passed a new climate law with a target of 70% reduction of Denmark's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Energinet's annual report for 2019 (in Danish) gives a status of the development of the infrastructure that will continue to support the transition, but it also tells about the change of orientation that Energinet carried out in 2019. A change of orientation, which was made in order to make sure that Energinet lifts its core mission just as well as before, as we enter a new climate era.

The brief status of Energinet's development of an energy infrastructure that supports the transition is at the same time the status of important building blocks in an integrated European energy market:

  • New power cable between the Netherlands and Denmark went into operation.
  • Suppliers for Viking Link (the upcoming power cable between Denmark and England) were found.
  • Cable for Kriegers Flak (the upcoming combined offshore wind farm and electricity-international connection between Denmark and Germany) was ready for operation.
  • Baltic Pipe (the coming gas pipeline from Norway over Denmark to Poland) was ready for the construction phase.

The brief status of Energinet's change of orientation in 2019 is condensed in the company's new vision “Green energy for a better world”, and it expresses Energinet's approach and priorities in a new climate era:

  • An increased focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and on social responsibility.
  • A new vision and strategy focusing on sector coupling and Power-to-X, large-scale offshore wind, RE on market conditions and intensified cooperation with society.
  • Comprehensive programs for the development of Energinet's working methods in order to gain speed in the green transition.




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