Gas Security of Supply Report 2017

Reporting to the Danish Energy Agency including an overview of the most significant activities, challenges and developments for the gas security of supply in Denmark.

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Denmark is still a net exporter of gas. At the same time, the Danish gas system is well-developed with access to gas storages and gas imports from Germany. All in all, something that ensures a high Danish security of gas supply.

However, the supply of gas from the Tyra gas field in the North Sea will cease from 2019-2022 as the platform will need to be reconstructed. During this period, the security of gas supply will be challenged. The gas will be provided from Germany and the Danish gas storages, resulting in the security of supply during the reconstruction period to a greater extent than normal will be dependent on optimal utilisation of import and storage capacity.

Do you want to learn more about how Energinet and the market are preparing for the shut-down of the Tyra platform? Read the article about Tyra in the report.

What else to read about in the report?

During 2017 important steps has been taken in the direction of developing a joint balancing zone for Denmark and Sweden and investing in a new possible gas connection from the Norwegian gas fields to Poland via Denmark (the Baltic Pipe Project).

The joint balancing zone is expected to have a positive effect on the security of gas supply due to new opportunities arising from operating the Danish and Swedish gas system jointly. The Baltic Pipe Project is expected to contribute to more stable tariffs in the Danish gas system due to more gas in Denmark and at the same time extra supply sources can strengthen the security of gas supply.

Furthermore you can read about the progress of biogas in the Danish gas system. 5 per cent of the gas in the Danish gas system today comes from biogas a number which is expected to increase to a minimum of 10 per cent in 2020. Though, it is not without challenges to have biogas flowing in the grid.


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