Energinet's rus plan 2017

Energinet's RUS (reinvestment, expansion, restoration) plan is an overall plan for the electricity transmission grid, where the need for reinvestment, expansion, restoration, and re-engineering is mutually compared and coordinated. The plan covers the medium term for the next 10 years.

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The plan provides a coherent planning that helps to ensure a time-ly start-up of the detailed planning and establishment of future specific projects in the transmission grid. The plan is also an im-portant input to Energinet's compliance with the legislation on preparation of plans and forms an important basis for cooperation with the distribution grid companies on planning.

The RUS plan shows an overall status of Energinet's projects in the construction, planning, and screening phases as from 1 December 2017. Unless otherwise specified, all prices in the RUS plan are stated in fixed 2017 prices.


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