Security of gas supply report 2018

The Security of Gas Supply Report is a reporting to the Danish Energy Agency including an overview of the most significant activities, challenges and developments for the gas security of supply in Denmark.

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Security of gas supply is increasingly becoming a cross-border issue. Gas systems are extended to diversify sources of supply and secure access to gas. The extension of the European gas system has resulted in market players acting in response to gas prices throughout Europe. This has impacted Energinet’s work with safeguarding the security of supply.

In February 2018 a late cold spell in Europe led to an Early Warning in Denmark. The Early Warning, which was sustained for 20 days, was an instructive period for the coming redevel-opment of the Tyra field, where the production will close down. When the production closes from September 2019 Denmark will be dependent on imported gas from Germany the next three years.

Denmark is working on different project with other countries: In 2019 Denmark and Sweden will create a joint balancing zone and towards 2022 Energinet is working together with the Polish TSO, GAZ-SYSTEM, on creating a new gas route from the Norwegian gas system, through Denmark, to Poland.

The Security of Gas Supply Report 2018 has three main conclusions:

  • High security of supply in 2018 despite of Early Warning in February-March 2018
  • Expected high security of supply in the coming winter 2018/2019
  • Expected challenged security of supply from the winter 2019 until 2022 when the production from Tyra gas field closes down



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