Security of gas supply report 2019

The Security of Gas Supply Report is a reporting to the Danish Energy Agency including an overview of the most significant activities, challenges and developments for the gas security of supply in Denmark.

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The renovation of the Tyra complex has started and since 20 December Denmark and Sweden have received most of their gas supply from Germany, through the Ellund-Egtved-pipe, with supplement of gas from the storage facilities and an increasing share of biogas.

The share of green gasses in the grid has grown rapidly in both 2018 and 2019. At the end of 2019, 11% of gas consumption will be covered by biogas. One day in the summer of 2019, biogas injected in the gas grid constituted 35% of the total gas consumption in Denmark. This measurement was registered on 13 July.

Denmark is working on different projects with other countries. Towards 2022, Energinet is working with Polish TSO, GAZ-SYSTEM, to create a new gas route from the Norwegian gas system through Denmark to Poland. Furthermore, the North Sea Wind Power Hub development project is a vision project for large-scale coordinated expansion of renewable energy generation in the North Sea region. The development project covers both the electricity and gas transmission systems, including possible synergies between the two as well as in relation to the overall energy system.

The report on security of gas supply 2019 has three general conclusions:

  • Security of supply was high in 2019 with no supply incidents.
  • Security of supply is expected to stay high as gas storages are full and market players have booked capacity.
  • The gas system will be more vulnerable and less flexible in the time to come, and Energinet expects an increased risk of Early Warning-declarations.



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