Sustainability report 2023

Energinets Sustainability Report 2023 is Energinet’s disclosure and communication of our sustainability performance and impacts during the green transition.

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A green transition of the energy systems is more urgent than ever if we are to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. 

We take this task very seriously at Energinet, and we are determined to do our bit. We have to find new solutions, and we have to convert and expand our existing energy infrastructure at pace in order to be able to integrate significantly increased volumes of green energy in the future – and our core activities therefore have a major impact on the climate and our surroundings in general. At Energinet, we are very aware of our responsibilities and of our climate footprint. In the years ahead, it will be a key focus for Energinet to incorporate sustainability into our activities – without slowing down the green transition.

Sustainability comes with a great deal of complexity in the form of opposing interests and perspectives, and navigating the dilemmas it entails is made harder by the pace of development. The best choices for the climate can involve social risks, and environmental considerations can slow the progress of the green transition. It is crucial that we do not lose sight of the importance of balancing the various considerations.

Energinet and other large companies must be able to account for our impact, results and risks within sustainability in line with the financial area. There is an increasing demand for transparency, data and documentation and while this poses new challenges for Energinet, it also gives us new opportunities to incorporate sustainability in the way we do business.

In Sustainability Report 2023, you can read more about Energinet's work with ESG and learn more about everything from gender diversity and human rights to CO2 emissions and biodiversity. The report describes a year in which Energinet have taken important steps to ensure that we can meet our responsibilities for climate, environment and society.


Three results within sustainability in 2023

 Total CO2 emissions of 461,932 tonnes of CO2e

 An employee gender distribution of 36% women and 64% men

 Three new sustainability goals within climate, biodiversity and circular economy


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