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Green ambitions and digital promises – a power couple of the future

Thomas Egebo, new President and CEO of Energinet, welcomes you to the Digital Roundtable. Thomas Egebo replaces Peder Østermark Andreasen, who has decided to retire after 13 years as President and CEO.

Join us to discuss and foster the partnerships needed for the energy of the future. The Digital Roundtable brings together key participants in the European and global energy and digital sectors.

Rapidly decreasing prices of renewables will revolutionise energy production and consumption for the benefit of consumers and the environment. Digital technologies will make the energy systems more connected, intelligent and sustainable.

In Denmark, wind power will in 2020 cover 50% of consumption. Taking the next step and solving the challenges related to creating a low-carbon energy systems is a significant and global challenge.

This calls for new cooperation between progressive actors.

Digitalisation will be a key enabler for a new sustainable energy paradigm. It has the potential to break down boundaries between energy sectors, increasing flexibility and enabling integration across entire systems. E-mobility and smart charging will create synergies between the energy system and transportation. Smart buildings and energy efficiency will see buildings playing a bigger role in the energy system. Strong digital electricity networks will enable more intermittent and distributed energy and new demand. Digital platforms and the customer will be at the heart of the new energy system.

TSOs like Energinet and ENTSO-E do not know all the tools in the digital toolbox for a low-carbon energy system – but would like to contribute to fostering them.

Energinet and ENTSO-E are hosting the Digital Roundtable and it will take place in the foyer of the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, which is located a 15-minute walk from Eigtveds Pakhus where the Energy Infrastructure Forum and Clean Energy Ministerial are held. This way the conference participants can walk to the opening of the Energy Infrastructure Forum.

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24 May 2018


Foyer of the Opera
Ekvipagemestervej 10
DK-1438 Copenhagen

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9 May 2018

Photos and videos from the event

Find it all - and much more about how Energinet works with digitalisation - right here


Presenter/Keynote  Content
10:00 Coffee and registration

Thomas Egebo,
CEO - Energinet            

Welcome. Green ambitions and digital promises
Lei Zhang,
CEO – Envision
Powering the future – falling costs of renewables and digital trends

Taavi Veskimägi,
CEO - Elering           

Estonia – born digital. Perspectives from a frontrunner in digitalisation in the public and energy arena

Kristian Ruby,
Secretary General - Eurelectric
Can utilities cope with the next step in the green transition
Mark van Stiphout,
Deputy Head of Unit - DG Energy
EU Clean Energy package and role of digitalisation
First panel debate: Energy system transformation: challenges and opportunities for the traditional energy sector
Panelists: Lei Zhang, Mark van Stiphout, Kristian Ruby, Taavi Veskimägi, Thomas Egebo           
Jean-Philippe Hermine,
VP Strategic Environmental Planning - Renault
Electrification of transport – perspectives from the car industry
12:30 Lunch
Steven Martin,
CVP Chief Digital Officer – GE Power
Digitalisation of machines and energy infrastructure – perspectives from an industrial and digital supplier to the energy sector
Rob Bernard,
Chief Environmental Strategist – Microsoft
How digitalisation will shape energy markets and data platforms of the future – to decarbonise the economy
Laurent Schmitt,
Secretary General – ENTSO-E  

Strong digital grids – a key enabler for renewables and creating synergy across sectors

Second panel debate: Digitalisation, machines and minds for the next step in the green transition. Perspectives from the digital players.
Panelists: Steven Martin, Rob Bernard, Jean-Philippe Hermine, Laurent Schmitt 

Laurent Schmitt,
Secretary General – ENTSO-E  

Thomas Egebo,
CEO – Energinet

Summary and rounding off the roundtable
15:30 End of the roundtable

Keynote speakers

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Jean-Philippe Hermine – VP, Renault

Jean-Philippe Hermine

Born in 1964, Jean-Philippe Hermine has graduated as Geologist Engineer from the Nancy School of Geology. He joined Renault in 1996 and led the environmental audits during the corporate restructuring and acquisitions of the Group (RVI, Volvo, Dacia, Samsung Motors).
In 2000, he was appointed head of the environmental network managing issues such as soil contamination, atmospheric emissions or waste performances in manufacturing plants.
In 2009, he was appointed Head of the Energy & Hygiene Safety Environment Department, in charge of Renault sites worldwide.
Since July 2011, Jean-Philippe Hermine is Vice President in charge of Strategic Environmental Planning for the Renault Group and CEO of Renault Environment.
Director of the Plan and strategy for the Environment for the Renault group since 1st July2011, Jean-Philippe Hermine works to elaborate and apply a coherent environmental policy for the Group, its products and their production, including all brands and activities.
He is also Managing Director of Renault Environment, a Holding which manages Renault’s participation in 3 subsidiaries in the recycling area, specializing in the end-of-life of products and the valorization of metallic waste.

Kristian Ruby – Secretary General, Eurelectric

Kristian Ruby

Kristian Ruby is a widely recognised expert with a strong communication profile and extensive experience in political affairs. He joined EURELECTRIC from Wind Europe, where he served as Chief Policy Officer and was in charge of development and implementation of the political strategy.
Prior to this, Ruby worked as a journalist and served seven years as a public servant in the Danish Ministries of Environment, and Climate and Energy and in the European Commission in the cabinet of the former Climate Action chief, Connie Hedegaard.
Kristian holds a master degree in history and international development.

Laurent Schmitt – Secretary General, ENTSO-E

Laurent Schmitt

Laurent Schmitt is ENTSO-E’s Secretary General since January 2017. Before joining ENTSO-E, he was Global Smart Grid Strategy Leader at General Electric Grid Solutions.

Laurent worked in Europe, the United States and Asia, first on power generation then on transmission and distribution specialising in smart grids solutions. In 2015, he was named one of the most 40 influential people in the European Smart Grid by the Metering & Smart Energy International Magazine.

Lei Zhang – CEO, Envision

Zhang Lei

Lei founded Envision in 2007. Over the past ten years, he has led Envision to its current position as the world’s leading smart energy company, largest Energy IoT platform and world leading smart wind turbine manufacturer.

To integrate and synergize the fragmented and distributed energy system, Lei considers a digital foundation as the key to accelerate the energy transition. He led the company to create EnOS™, the first-of-its-kind and the largest Energy IoT platform in the world, which now helps manage over 100GW renewable assets globally. 

Lei was named as one of the "Top 10 Sino-U.S. Innovators of the Year" by Forbes and was reported as Cover Figure by Fortune magazine, and was selected as a model entrepreneur embodying the "Chinese Dream" by the central government of China. He is also elected as the commissioner of world leading organization Energy Transition Commission (ETC) as the only Chinese energy entrepreneur. 

Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit- DG Energy

Information not available 

Rob Bernard – Chief Enviromental Strategist, Microsoft

Rob Bernard

Rob Bernard is Microsoft’s chief environmental strategist.

As part of the company’s corporate, external and legal affairs group, Rob is responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for Microsoft’s environmental efforts. His work includes working across the company to maintain carbon neutrality, advance our investments in renewable energy, improve energy efficiency in operations, and work with customers and partners to help empower them to better leverage IT to drive a more sustainable planet.

Rob joined Microsoft in 1997, and has held leadership roles ranging from marketing to business development and partnerships and technical management. He has served on a number of industry and non-profit boards and has spoken worldwide on the opportunities for IT to transform the way society uses resources. Rob earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He is a regular contributor to the Microsoft Green Blog:

Steven Martin, Chief Digital Officer - GE Power

Steven Martin

Steven Martin joined GE in October, 2016, as Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for GE’s Energy Connections business. With the goal of developing end-to-end software and cloud solutions to support Energy Connections customers’ digitization efforts, Steven is responsible for leading and advancing the business’s transversal digital industrial strategy. This includes the activation of product, service and solution roadmaps, and designing new customer experiences and business models. Prior to joining GE, Steven spent fourteen years at Microsoft and was most recently the general manager and chief data scientist for Azure.

Taavi Veskimägi – CEO, Elering

Taavi Veskimägi

Taavi Veskimägi has been the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian electricity and gas transmission system operator Elering AS since the company’s set-up as an independent TSO in 2009.
Taavi is the founder and the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Defence Industry Association and the member of the board of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation. He has been a member of the Estonian parliament for two consecutive terms. From 2003-2005 he was the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Estonia.
In 2017 Taavi was elected to the ENTSO-E’s Board, where he also worked in 2011-2013.
In 2017 Taavi was bestowed with the Estonian state decoration the Order of the White Star as a developer of the energy sector.

Thomas Egebo – CEO, Energinet

Thomas Egebo

As from 24 April 2018 Thomas Egebo is the President and CEO of Energinet.

Thomas Egebo holds a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. He was born in 1962 and speaks Danish, French and English.

Before Thomas Egebo started at Energinet, he was the Permanent Secretary of State at the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. A position he held in different Ministries since 2001. Also he has worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance, most recently as Deputy Permanent Secretary.

In the period from 1988-1993, and also from 1995-1996 Thomas Egebo worked for OECD, where held different positions.


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Siobhan Hall - Senior Editor, EU energy policy, S&P Global Platts


Siobhan Hall started reporting on the European energy sector in 1999 in London, first for Financial Times Energy and since 2001 for Platts (now S&P Global Platts), where she edited a UK gas newsletter for three years. In 2004 she became S&P Global Platts’ first full-time EU energy policy editor based in Brussels, covering all aspects of EU gas, power and emissions policies.
Siobhan specialises in making European energy policy accessible to a wide audience through blogs, podcasts and videos on, and through her work moderating debates at events. Her articles appear regularly in S&P Global Platts European Power Daily, European Gas Daily and Power in Europe, as well as S&P Global Platts real-time services.