Deployment of Grid Forming Technology in the Danish power system

Market dialogue with potential vendors/developers

A significant amount of power electronics interfaced devices (PEIDs) will be integrated into the Danish grid over the coming years. This brings new challenges in operating the power system securely and reliably.

Energinet believes that the grid forming (GFM) technology can contribute positively to maintaining the stability and reliability of the future Danish power system. 

As part of Energinet’s commitment to deploy the grid forming technology and to support developing new grid code requirements, Energinet is exploring the possibility to collaborate with vendors and developers via a new project called “Deployment of the Grid Forming Technology in the Danish Power System”. The main goal of the project is to evaluate the contribution from various GFM technologies considering Danish system needs via simulation-based analysis and potentially through demonstration projects. 

OEMs (vendors) and developers in wind, PV and HVDC industries who are interested in demonstrating Grid Forming (GFM) technology

Energinet therefore plans to initiate a market dialogue with potential vendors and developers in order to introduce in more details the purpose and goals of the project. 

Please register if you are interested in joining the market dialogue with Energinet’s experts. In case many vendors and developers will register, Energinet will send invitations to selected vendors and developers according to legal considerations for the market dialogue given below.

Legal considerations
In conducting this market dialogue, we will be adhering to the principles and guidelines set out in the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's guidelines on market consultations. We will ensure that the process is fair, transparent, and does not give any one vendor/developer an unfair advantage over others.

Possible dates for individual 2-hour meetings with Energinet

19.-20. June (week 25)
27.-28. June (week 26)
04.-05. July (week 27)

This event is also available on our Danish website.


Registration Deadline
05 June 2023 at 06.00 PM
Start Date - Time
19 June 2023 - 08.00 AM
End Date - Time
5 July 2023 - 04.00 PM
2-hour individual meeting with Energinet.
After the registration deadline has expired, you will receive an invitation. The meeting will either be physical or online and take place on one of the possible dates.


Receive notification directly by mail.