Hydrogen market dialogue – Tariff design

Workshop for stakeholders of the future hydrogen network in Denmark

We hereby invite coming users of a future hydrogen network in Denmark to the second of three workshops currently planned during the fall, where the topic of this workshop will be on tariff design of hydrogen infrastructure. At the workshop, Energinet will present different design options, which will be discussed with the participants.

Please also reserve the 7th December 2023 for the coming workshop on system and balance.

The workshops will be held physically at our premises in Ballerup. It will be possible to listen in via Teams, but we encourage you to participate physically.

We look forward to you joining us. 

Registration Deadline
03 November 2023 at 11.30 PM
9 November 2023
10.00 AM-02.30 PM
Hybrid meeting: Either physically at Energinet, Pederstrupvej 76, 2750 Ballerup
or online via Microsoft Teams



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