Newly published Nordic Grid Development Perspective paves way to climate neutral Nordics – Join the webinar on 11.11.

The four Nordic TSOs, Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät have finalized their work on the Nordic Grid Development Perspective (NGDP) 2021 project. The results will be presented in a stakeholder webinar on 11.11.2021 13:00-15:00 CET.

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The NGDP report contains a common Nordic scenario “Climate Neutral Nordics” that assumes high electricity consumption growth in the Nordics - from the current 400 TWh to 655 TWh by 2040. In addition, especially the renewable production capacity increases significantly in the scenario. The NGDP project also investigated the future system needs based on the created scenario and the results indicate that the transmission needs in the future system increase significantly. Thus, there is a large need to increase the grid capacities. In addition, the project consisted of three focus area studies: Offshore wind, North-South power transfer and resource adequacy in the future system. Furthermore, the status of five Nordic corridors of interest from NGDP2019 were updated. 

The main findings of the NGDP2021 project will be presented during the webinar on 11.11.2021 13-15 CET. The preliminary agenda of the webinar is as follows: 

1. Introduction and Nordic collaboration 
2. Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2021 
3. Climate Neutral Nordics scenario 
4. Future system needs 
5. Focus areas: Offshore wind, Resource adequacy, North-South flows 
6. Questions and answers 
7. Summary and way forward 

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More information will follow. The full NGDP2021 report will be published prior to the webinar in the end of October 2021. 

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