Shippers' Forum

A forum focusing on commercial aspects of the Danish gas market. The sign-up confirmation mail will provide you with a Teams link.

This meeting is a forum for the players and Energinet to discuss specific issues regarding operation and development of the Danish gas market focusing on the commercial aspects.

The participants are representatives from companies of shippers, gas suppliers, distribution and storage facility companies as well as transmission operators. Also, the Danish Utility Regulator and the Danish Energy Authority participate.


13.00 Welcome Clement Johan Ulrichsen Energinet
13.10 Danish Utility Regulator Peter Lyk-Jensen Danish Utility Regulator
13.30 Imbalance prices in Emergency Lasse Trøjborg Krogh Energinet
13.40 Supply and demand Christian Meiniche Andersen Energinet
13.50 Gas Storage Danmark Mads Vejlby Boesen Gas Storage Danmark
14.10 BREAK
14.25 Baltic Pipe
- Update Jeppe Danø Energinet
- Balancing 2022 Jannik Blok Riisom & Signe Louise Rasmussen Energinet
  - Capacity Platform Signe Louise Rasmussen Energinet
  - Gas Filling Lasse Trøjborg Krogh Energinet
14.55 Final Remarks Clement Johan Ulrichsen Energinet

Registration Deadline
07 December 2021 at 06.00 PM
9 December 2021
01.00 PM-04.00 PM
Online via Microsoft Teams
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