Shippers' Forum

Energinet invites representatives of shippers, gas suppliers, distribution companies as well as storage and transmission to discuss specific issues regarding operation and development of the Danish gas market focusing on the commercial aspects.

Programme for the meeting on 13 September 2018:

Lunch and networking

            Clement Johan Ulrichsen, Energinet Gas TSO

Gas market developments
Thomas Egebo, Energinet Gas TSO

General Market Update
Signe Louise Rasmussen, Energinet Gas TSO     

Interactive Survey
Dorte G. Kristiansen, Energinet Gas TSO    

Coffee break and networking

Tyra Redevelopement
Christian Rutherford & Christian Meiniche Andersen, Energinet Gas TSO

Tariff Projection Model
Jeppe Danø, Energinet Gas TSO

Gas Storage Danmark
             Hans-Åge Nielsen, Gas Storage Danmark

Negotiation on Emergency Storage
             Jeppe Danø, Energinet Gas TSO

Final remarks
             Clement Johan Ulrichsen, Energinet Gas TSO

End of programme

Registration Deadline
10 September 2018 at 04.00 PM
13 September 2018
12.00 PM-04.00 PM
Pederstrupvej 76, 2750 Ballerup