Updated technical requirements for HVDC-connected power park modules and HVDC converter stations for the Danish energy islands

Motivated by the Danish energy island projects Energinet has prepared a proposal for a limited revision of selected requirements for HVDC-connected power park modules and HVDC converter stations set under EU regulation 2016/1447. Energinet hereby invites stakeholders to meetings about the proposed updates to the technical requirements.

As of today, no power park modules are connected to HVDC systems in Denmark. However, with the introduction of the energy island projects, this is expected to change. For this reason, Energinet has been working on an updated version of the technical requirements set under EU regulation 2016/1447.

The updated version proposes changes applicable not only to HVDC-connected power park modules (DC-connected PPMs), but also to HVDC converter stations, including remote-end HVDC converters. The changes proposed involve functional requirements and capabilities as well as requirements for simulation models and multi-party cooperation.

Therefore, Energinet have planned two meetings on technical connection requirements for HVDC-connected power park modules and HVDC converter stations. The purpose of the meetings is to involve stakeholders in the qualification of Energinet's proposal for technical connection requirements with a view to improving and exchanging ideas on content and system needs and gaining a common understanding of the possibilities.

Participants at the meetings can expect to gain an understanding of the background to Energinet's draft connection requirements, and the opportunity to contribute insight through discussions and specific improvement proposals.

The meetings are planned as follows:
At the first meeting, Energinet will present the intended changed connection requirements and their application areas, and participants will have the opportunity to ask general questions about the intended changed connection requirements. Energinet will share the prepared draft connection requirements with the stakeholders two weeks before the first meeting.
Participation can be physically or online.

The second meeting planned is for technical dialogue where stakeholders can submit written proposals for the intended changed connection requirements before the meeting.
Physical attendance is required at the second meeting.

Meeting information:
Meeting 1: Monday 7 October 2024 at 09:00-15:00
Meeting 2: Monday 21 October 2024 at 09:00-15:00

Sign up for meeting 2 by emailing svar.netregler@energinet.dk  by 10 October 2024.

Registration Deadline
18 September 2024 at 12.00 PM
7 October 2024
10.00 AM-03.00 PM
Hybrid meeting: Either physical participation at Energinet, Tonne Kjærsvej 65, 7000 Fredericia
or online via Microsoft Teams


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