Webinar: The potential of a Danish-German hydrogen network

On 27 April Energinet and Gasunie publish a technical pre-feasibility study for transporting hydrogen via a 350-450 km pipeline from Esbjerg or Holstebro to Hamburg in Germany. In the study we assume that 60 % of the existing gas network can be repurposed for transport of hydrogen. The purpose of the study is to initiate market dialogue and un-lock the potential for exporting renewable hydrogen from Denmark to demand centers in Germany.

Following the launch of the European and German Hydrogen Strategies in 2020, several initiatives have been taken to support the realization of a hydrogen economy in Europe. One of those includes identifying cost-efficient means of transport of hydrogen across borders.

At our joint webinar you can hear more about how an initial hydrogen network between Denmark and Germany can be built and expanded in stages as demand and production capacity increase. We will address how potential cost savings can achieved by repurposing gas pipelines for some parts of the network, and the possibilities of connecting danish hydrogen resources with a growing hydrogen network in Germany.

Link to our news about the study: ENERGINET AND GASUNIE PUBLISH PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDY ON HYDROGEN INFRASTRUCTURE where you also can download the study.


Prelininary agenda:

Time Topic
14:30-14:45 Welcome by CEO Torben Brabo (Energinet Gas TSO) and VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development Hans Coenen (Gasunie)
14:14-15:25 Presentation of key results in the study 
15:25-15:45 Q&A session and next steps


Registration Deadline
25 May 2021 at 12.00 PM
25 May 2021
02.30 PM-03.45 PM
Online via Microsoft TEAMS
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