Workshop 1 on alternative countertrade models

Energinet hereby invites stakeholders to the first of two workshops to discuss alternative countertrade models.

Today, Energinet uses the regulating power market, i.e. special regulation, to conduct countertrade at our borders. 
In 2017, Energinet and TenneT prepared a joint impact assessment of possible countertrade models, and the result of the impact assessment was that the continued use of special regulation was sufficient. 
Energinet has since seen a steadily increasing demand for countertrade, a trend which is expected to continue, combined with significant regulatory developments such as article 16 of EU regulation 2019/943 on the internal market for electricity (70% rule) and ACER's decision on article 30 of the Guideline for Electricity Balancing (principles for determining prices for balancing energy). 
Due to the increased demand and regulatory developments, Energinet has launched studies to analyse new possible operationally efficient countertrade models that promote market liquidity to replace the current use of special regulation.
As part of this work, Energinet invites all interested stakeholders (TSOs, market participants, national regulatory authorities and other interested parties) to participate in two workshops to provide input to the work of analysing feasible countertrade models.
Energinet has two different workshops planned, and we therefore urge interested participants to reserve both dates.
The first workshop will be held online as a virtual event on 21 August 2020 from 9.00 to 15.00. The second workshop will be held as either a physical meeting or a virtual event (depending on the COVID-19 situation) on 23 September 2020 from 9.00 to 16.00. 
Final confirmation on the September location will be announced prior to the event. 

We kindly ask that no more than 2 stakeholders from each company participate in the workshops.

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Registration Deadline
01 August 2020 at 05.00 PM
21 August 2020
09.00 AM-03.00 PM
Online meeting



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