Workshop on the Danish-German border (DK1-DE)

Energinet invites all interested stakeholders to a workshop to discuss potential future countertrade models for DK1-DE as an alternative to the currently used “special regulation regime”.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany together with the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority and Bundesnetzagentur have signed an agreement that ensures a minimum amount of capacity for trade between Jutland and Germany. Energinet and TenneT, as the relevant transmission system operators of both countries, are jointly responsible for the implementation of this agreement.


The agreed minimum capacity shall be guaranteed as of July 2017. The minimum available capacity increases from 80 MW in July  to 400 MW in November 2017. Thereafter the minimum capacities are set at 700 MW in 2018, 900 MW - 1000 MW in 2019 and 1100 MW as from 2020. Denmark and Germany agreed that the costs of this measure should not exceed 40 Mio. Euro per year.


In case the agreed minimum capacity cannot be physically transported due to grid constraints, countertrading will be used to avoid congestions in the grid.


Currently Energinet is using the "special regulation regime" (Specialregulering) in order to procure downward regulation in DK1. The current contractual conditions for Specialregulering, however, only allow to use DK1 ressources.


In order to ensure sufficient balancing resources for system security needs and to support a cost-efficient management of minimum capacities at the DK1-DE border, Energinet is inviting  all interested stakeholders  to  a workshop to discuss potential future countertrade models as an alternative to the currently used Specialregulation.


The idea of the workshop is to facilitate an open brainstorm about the pros and cons of each model, seen from market participants and TSO perspective and identify the need for further analyses. Energinet will prepare a draft description of the models we are looking at so far and distribute it in advance of the workshop. Any suggestions from market participants for alternative models are highly welcome both in advance of and during the workshop.  


Given the regional dimension of the subject any material for the workshop will be provided in English. In case of non-native Danish speakers attending the workshop, presentations and discussions will also be in English.


Registration Deadline
04 September 2017 at 08.00 PM
7 September 2017
12.00 PM-05.00 PM
Tonne Kjærsvej 65, 7000 Fredericia

Practical information

Please be aware that due to space limitations participation is restricted to maximum 2 participants from each company.


The workshop will start at 10:00. Breakfast will be available from 9:30 and lunch around 12.00.


Receive notification directly by mail.