Energinet is not required to generate a profit

Financial regulation of Energinet requires Energinet to adhere to a break-even principle. Consequently, Danish energy consumers are charged a fee that covers necessary costs related to Energinet’s operations and development of Denmark’s energy system. Necessary costs are costs incurred by Energinet in order to maintain efficient operations.

Over time, Energinet’s annual financial result equals zero when disregarding Energinet’s return on capital.

Audit required by law

Energinet’s annual reports are audited by the Office of the Auditor General in compliance with the Danish Financial Statements Act and the Danish Act on the Auditing of Governmental Accounts etc.

Energinet’s annual and semi-annual reports are available online here.

Loans from Danmarks Nationalbank

By statute, Energinet is entitled to obtain loans directly from the Danish state through the central bank of Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank. Energinet avails itself of this opportunity, in addition to the regular loans that we raise with commercial banks. The determining factor is which bank offers the most advantageous terms.

Credit Rating

Energinet has a AA-/stable/A-1+ credit rating from Standard and Poor’s Rating Services, most recently confirmed in December 2015.

See Energinet’s most recent rating here.