Energinet’s purpose is to own, operate and develop the overall energy infrastructure and manage related tasks, thus contributing to the development of a climate-neutral energy supply. Energinet must take account of the security of supply, the climate, and the environment, as well as ensure open and equal access for all users of the network - and efficiency in its operation.

Danish consumers finance Energinet’s activities through payments that figure as a separate item on the electricity bill and the gas bill. 

Act on Energinet.dk from 2004 is the legislative foundation for our enterprise.

Read the Danish Act on Energinet here.

Safety and emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness

In addition to Energinet’s responsibility for the security of supply in the Danish electricity and gas markets, we are also in charge of Denmark’s emergency preparedness in the electricity and gas sectors. This means that:

  • Energinet coordinates the emergency preparedness of the electricity and gas sectors, before, during and after a crisis
  • Energinet monitors Denmark’s energy systems 24 hours a day
  • Energinet has plans in place for how to re-establish supply in the event of disruption
  • Energinet supervises the emergency preparedness activities of licensed enterprises.

Excavating Safety

Before starting any excavation work, make sure you know the location and position of any electricity lines and gas pipelines by contacting Energinet or the company indicated on the marking posts.