Collaboration makes good energy solutions better

Stakeholders in the Danish energy sector collaborate closely on creating energy solutions that work, right now and in the future. 

Energinet is focused on maintaining and strengthening our collaborative initiatives and our attitude of inclusivity, and we actively promote an open dialogue with all our stakeholders.

Our model for collaboration

Energinet looks to accommodate the viewpoints of stakeholders and our own vision by offering various meeting formats. Our collaboration model ensures that Energinet is engaged in a fruitful exchange with a wide variety of stakeholders, including commercial players and NGOs. 

Forum Meeting Group
Purpose: Information about current issues Purpose: Dialogue about a specific issue Purpose: Task related to specific issue
Structure: Presentation by Energinet Structure: Presentation and dialogue Structure: Working meetings, completion of task
Participants: Open to all affected parties Participants: Open to all affected parties Participants: Selected stakeholders

Energinet’s consultation process

Energinet establishes the technical regulations and market rules that apply to Denmark’s energy transmission system and electricity and gas markets, and which are published in our market regulations, technical regulations and Rules for Gas Transport. Our collaborative forums also serve as consultations that invite input from stakeholders to help shape the issues that are covered by Energinet’s rules and regulations.