System Perspective 2035

March 2018: Long-term perspectives for efficient use of renewable energy in the Danish energy system

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System Perspective 2035 is an analysis which focuses on the long-term opportunities and challenges related to the transition of the Danish energy systems. The analysis is based on European energy scenarios due to the highly cross-border and international nature of the Danish energy systems.

The System Perspective 2035 report is made up of several parts:

The present document is the main report, which affords a relatively brief insight into the approach, main findings and perspectives of the analysis.

The background report begins with a summary that presents a comprehensive view of the scope, findings and messages of the analysis as a whole. The rest of the background report delves deeper into the analysis and its findings and is primarily aimed at energy analysis professionals. At the moment the background report is only available in Danish.

In addition, there is an appendix report (in english) on the specific modelling used in the analysis.