A job with meaning


Our work tasks are among the most important tasks in society right now. We need to create a cohesive energy system that is 100 per cent sustainable in order to save the climate.

Climate change remains an unresolved challenge. Global outlook, cooperation and constant innovation of our technical and digital solutions are therefore an essential part of our day-to-day lives. As an Energinet employee, you will be part of a diverse team sharing a passionate vision of green energy for a better world.

The green transition is happening at an extremely fast pace, and, at Energinet, you are in a key position right at the centre of the action – regardless of the tasks you are performing. We view our corporate social responsibility in a global perspective. If we do our job really well, our solutions can be spread to other countries and thus contribute to reducing carbon emissions for the whole planet, and not just Denmark.


At Energinet, you will work with and feel sustainability in your daily life. Denmark’s goal of having a climate-neutral society by 2050 is a crucial factor in Energinet’s work with operating and developing its electricity and gas systems. The increasing volumes of green energy from solar and wind power and biogas must be integrated into the systems, and be incorporated in the potential offered by new green energy sources – and all at a rapid pace. In this way, sustainability has become the key focus of Energinet’s core task of securing energy supply for Danes.

But the major focus on sustainability also points inward. Expanding and operating energy infrastructure requires a great deal of resources, and Energinet also impacts the climate through our business operations and many construction activities. We work with sustainability from a holistic perspective, encompassing climate impact, environmental issues, working environment, employees, financial responsibility and value chain responsibility.

We are replacing our pool cars with electric cars, we focus on biodiversity in our areas, we compensate carbon emissions from our flights and we incorporate sustainability in our procurement. The green transition is rooted throughout our organisation, and we all work to achieve Energinet’s own climate goals


Energinet safeguards society’s interests as we move towards a 100% green energy system. We are an independent public enterprise under the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, and our goal is to create value for citizens and companies in Denmark.

As an Energinet employee, you get the opportunity to help solve the energy trilemma: We are working to transform the electricity and gas systems so they run on green energy, while maintaining an extremely high degree of security of supply and ensuring that this is all affordable for both consumers and society.

We own, operate and develop the transmission grids and international connections, which are the backbone of the Danish electricity and gas supply, and we house Denmark’s control centres, where we monitor the electricity and gas systems every minute and ensure that consumers always have electricity in the socket and gas in the gas taps. As an employee with us, you can also help ensure the framework for well-functioning electricity and gas markets or develop our DataHub, where we collect and handle billions of data on customers, consumption and prices in the electricity market.