With us, you get the opportunity to unfold your talent and try out new methods, forms of collaboration and solutions! We want managers and employees with different educations, ages, genders, backgrounds and perspectives who think in different ways and who manage to take advantage of their diversity through creative collaboration.

Our objective is to create a 100% green energy system. This is a task that no one has solved before, and we do not know in advance which challenges we will face and which solutions we need to use. We therefore need diversity. We want to put as many different perspectives into play as possible in order to make the best decisions and find the innovative solutions needed.

At the same time, we recognise our corporate social responsibility as a large state-owned enterprise. We believe that we can create greater value for our organisation, our employees and society in general through increased focus on diversity.


Energinet wants to be an inclusive workplace that can accommodate all types of employees and be an attractive workplace during all life phases. This is a fundamental value for us. We therefore have an attractive senior employees’ scheme, and we will introduce new terms for employees on maternity and paternity leave and for parents in general in connection with the new Danish Act on Entitlement to Leave and Benefits in the Event of Childbirth, which enters into force on 2 August 2022.


The aim of these terms is to contribute to the promotion of gender equality in relation to both the opportunity to participate actively in family life and career opportunities. We offer:  

24 weeks’ full salary for maternity/paternity leave after the birth of the child for both mother and father/co-mother and adoptive parents.

Voluntary attachment during maternity/paternity leave through participation in the maternity/paternity leave network ‘Inspired Beyond Babies’ and the possibility of being assigned a colleague as a ‘baby buddy’.

Gentle start-up after maternity/paternity leave with a 32-hour working week with full salary for six months.

Five sick child days with full salary.


We find that gender equality and inclusion are of huge importance to both the individual employee and to our overall value creation as an enterprise. By creating a good and flexible framework for our employees, we promote job satisfaction and commitment, thereby ensuring the best possible conditions for optimal work performance.  


Innovation and new thinking are key words for us, both when it comes to our ways of working and the solutions and analyses we provide. Digitalisation is playing an increasing role in the energy system, and if you have skills in, for example, machine learning, software robots, digital algorithms or data management on a huge scale, we have challenges that you will love to get your teeth into. In the technical field, we challenge habitual thinking by coming up with wild ideas about, for example, energy islands and sector coupling or by pushing the limits of what is technically possible in undergrounding high-voltage transmission lines.

We always have curiosity at the top of our agenda: Can we do it better? Faster? Smarter? You will thus experience colleagues who inspire you with new methods or perhaps work according to different principles than yours. Our philosophy is that, as an organisation, we must be able to master several different methods, and that we choose the method that is best suited to the specific case. Our major construction projects are organised around the Prince2 project model, while we increasingly work using agile principles based on SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) in connection with other development initiatives. Our entire IT Department has recently been reorganised according to agile principles.