Become a graduate at Energinet

Become a graduate at Energinet

As a graduate at Energinet, you join a two-year programme focused on teamwork, stimulating assignments and your personal development. You will get ample opportunity to test your mettle through a wide variety of roles and duties – enabling you to select your Energinet career pathway at the conclusion of the programme.

As the programme for graduates progresses, we provide relevant courses, a mentor, a buddy, a unique network with other graduates, as well as feedback from experienced, dedicated managers focused on your personal development. You are not guaranteed permanent employment after the programme. Still, we guarantee a development pathway that lays a solid groundwork for your career going forward as a generalist, specialist, project manager or manager. Most of our graduates decide to seek out further challenges at Energinet after completing the programme, however, and we currently employ many graduate programme alumni – in roles ranging from specialists to executive management team members.

Regardless of your specialist area, you will have excellent opportunities to develop your professional and personal skill sets. As the energy sector is rapidly changing, we constantly address new challenges that demand new solutions.

Become a graduate for a better world


Your actual tasks will depend on the specific process you put together, but basically, it is important that you can envisage yourself helping us achieve one or more of our objectives from our vision of ‘Green energy for a better world’ in a process that includes development, planning and operation of a 100% green energy system:  

  • supporting the transition to a fully agile IT organisation based on the latest knowledge in areas such as software development, cyber security, data processing, machine learning, data science and IoT; 
  • supporting good cooperation with authorities, stakeholders and other countries; 
  • developing and implementing innovative solutions in the areas of sector coupling, Power-to-X, energy islands and CCS (carbon capture and storage); 
  • enhancing efficient processes in the areas of HR, management support or communicating Energinet’s work, both internally within the organisation and externally vis-à-vis the wider world;  
  • help maintain environmental integrity despite a massive development of the energy grid.  

The above is by no means exhaustive, as we are constantly developing our tasks and procedures. Who knows? Perhaps your good idea will lead to our next big project.

The possibilities are endless. We give high priority to our graduates taking responsibility for their personal development by trying out areas that are not necessarily an obvious choice in terms of their specialist field and education, but which can enhance their personal and professional development in new areas.  


As a graduate at Energinet, you will join a two-year programme during which you will become part of a rota system in which you experience three different sections; and you will help to configure your process on the basis of your personal interests and development preferences. You will get ample opportunity to test your mettle in a wide variety of roles and duties enabling you to select your career pathway at Energinet at the conclusion of the programme. During the programme, we provide relevant courses, a mentor, a buddy, a unique network comprising other graduates, dedicated graduate sessions and feedback from experienced, dedicated managers who are focused on your personal development.

You are not guaranteed permanent employment following the programme. Most graduates decide to seek out further challenges at Energinet after completing the programme, however, and we currently employ many graduate programme alumni in the company in positions ranging from specialists to members of the executive management team. Our graduates are sought-after within the organisation, and you are guaranteed a development pathway that lays a strong groundwork for your career going forward as a generalist, specialist, project manager or manager.

Tidslinje - graduateprogram


We start off your two-year graduate journey with a two-day introductory seminar together with your post-graduate team and programme manager. The introductory seminar is made up of both technical and social elements. Once you start working at your first rotation department, you will be enrolled in our onboarding programme set up by your rotation supervisor to fit your role. There will be e-learning, coffee meetings, specialist courses or other elements that will prepare you to perform the duties of your role over the next eight months.


  1. The first training module is ‘Strategic Networking’, led by Signe Holste of ValuePeople. ValuePeople specialises in processes for graduates on strategic networking and knowledge sharing. During this process, you will gain knowledge, exercises and tools for how to become even more successful in your role with us via networking and knowledge sharing.
    The training programme is based on our culture and values and combines exercises, cases, training and lessons. The module is made up of two all-day workshops, plus a one-on-one session with an instructor between the two workshops.
  2. The second training module is ‘Presentation techniques’, led by Kenn L. Hansen of EPO. EPO is a course and consulting firm solely focused on the training and development of employees at all levels of an organisation in being able to communicate more effectively and persuasively. They train everyone from executives to specialists. This module will include instruction in the power of body language, managing nervousness, reliable storytelling, and much more related to convincing presentations, regardless of whether you are making a presentation to 100 people or negotiating with five suppliers – and everything in between.
    Read more about EPO here
  3. The third training module is made up of one all-day workshop, led by Signe Holste of ValuePeople, in which she refreshes your strategic networking tools and connects these to your endeavours to become permanently employed by us.


Your programme manager follows you throughout the programme and is at your disposal for feedback and support on everything from personal development, choice of rotation, output from training modules and anything else that pops up in your daily work.


Four times during the programme, it will be possible for you to sit down with a panel of managers, broadly embedded in the business, where you can seek feedback on your development, specific challenges, career pathways or something entirely different.


During your first rotation period, you will need to find a mentor in the business. Your mentor will support and challenge you in your technical and personal development. You must select your own mentor, because we know that the chemistry between mentor and mentee is crucial for establishing a confidential space. You will get tools, feedback and support in finding your mentor, and then agree with your mentor on how to configure your specific mentoring programme.


During the third rotation segment, it will be possible for you and your team of graduates to travel abroad to another European TSO. You and your team plan a number of technically relevant visits.


We expect you to have an academic education at master’s or diploma degree level and a maximum of one year’s professional experience after completing your studies. We are open to all educational backgrounds, as we know that diversity and different perspectives ensure a value-creating workplace; we are just curious to know what you have to contribute in terms of your specific background. Therefore we give high priority to your personal skill sets and expect you to be dedicated, inquisitive and reflective in terms of both the wider world and your own development. We also expect you to have gained experience while studying abroad, during traineeships, voluntary work or study jobs.

At a personal level, we expect you to be visionary and innovative and willing to go against the flow in developing new perceptions, methods or solutions. You are passionate about your work and like to lead the way. At the same time, you actively listen to others, engage in open dialogue and let them help mould the solutions.


Application opens every year 1 December.

Find the job ad at career/apply-for-a-job/vacant-positions/job/


You can apply to join our graduate programme from 1 December to 1 January. You can access the job notice directly by clicking here. After the application deadline, we will spend a couple of weeks reviewing all the applications. They will be read by both a programme manager and a panel comprising eight managers from different segments of our business. We select 32 candidates whom we invite to participate in an assessment day at our head office in Fredericia. Before the assessment day, you will be asked to fill in a cognitive test and a personal profile. The remaining applicants will receive a rejection letter at the same time. No more than one week after the assessment day, you will be offered a graduate position at Energinet. After this, we will enter into a contract with the eighteen candidates who start the programme on 1 September.


Do I have to speak Danish to be an Energinet Graduate?

The assessment day is currently held in Danish, and therefore you need to be able to have a basic understanding of Danish. You are able to speak in English throughout the assessment day, as all of our managers speak and understand English. The reason for the assessment day being in Danish is that our corporate language is Danish, as we are 100% owned by the Danish government (Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities). We offer free Danish courses upon employment within working hours.

How do I select my first rotation?

We choose your first rotation segment based on the education and motivation specified by you in the application documents and on the assessment day. You choose your second and third rotation segments by networking in the business and looking into what you think it would be interesting to get involved with.

Can I travel abroad during a rotation?

At present, we are unfortunately unable to provide a rotation segment outside Denmark. On the other hand, we have a wide variety of roles for which you take short trips to other European TSOs, for example, provided that the trip is related to the section’s core tasks.

I do not have an engineering degree. Is it still possible for me to join your graduate programme?

The short answer is a resounding YES. We accept all educational backgrounds because, in addition to all types of engineers, we need employees in the fields of IT, finance, communication, the environment, data, programming, physics and many more. We believe that diversity creates great value – for our employees and our work.

What will be my salary as a graduate?

At Energinet we operate with market-based pay, which means that we compare ourselves to other companies in the energy industry. You will receive further details about salary later in the application process.