Write your thesis with us

We work closely with a number of thesis students from universities, business schools and technical colleges around the country. Previous theses/dissertations have, for example, been in the fields of economics, IT, management, technology and strategy.

What we offer

We are happy to collaborate on theses/dissertations, and we have good experience participating as a case company.

We require that your thesis/dissertation is ambitious, that you have strong professional skills and that you are willing to share your knowledge.  We, for our part, will endeavour to help you in the best possible way throughout the process. 


Contact us   

If you have a good idea as to how we can contribute to your thesis, please send us an email with a proposal for solving a specific problem. Briefly describe your idea using approximately half an A4 size page, explaining your area of interest and how you see both parties benefitting from the collaboration.

Send your application together with an updated CV and your most recent examination results to hr@energinet.dk, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Examples of theses

Here you will find examples of theses. We also invite you to propose your own topic.